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Geared motors for car seat adjustment

From meeting basic travel needs to focusing on automotive intelligence applications. The seat is the part with the most physical contact during the car. To improve driving comfort, we use a small DC motor from Zhaowei combined with helical gears from Zhaowei for the car seat transmission, and control the seat circuit path and current direction through the control switch on the door armrest. It realizes the purpose of intelligently adjusting the horizontal, height and angle of the seat.
It is difficult for some car to balance the visual range and the comfort.Some car heads will be more prominent, and the engine's tilt angle is relatively small, which is actually very good for the driver, because it is easy to see the front of the car,this time you can improve the comfortable of the car in the case of ensuring the view. Some cars have a larger tilt angle and a shorter head. Therefore, it is necessary to consider from a safety point of view. The seat should not be adjusted too far back, and the backrest should be slightly straightened because it is not easy to see the position of the front. If it is a manual car, you need to adjust the seat to the extent that the two-legged pedal can be directly stepped on, and the leg needs to be able to bend, that is, you have enough strength to step on it.
Motors and gears from Zhaowei booster car seat adjustment
In order to improve driving comfort, there is no need to change the sitting posture. The control key can be used to adjust the seat in 12 directions to achieve stepless adjustment.We use a small permanent magnet DC motor combined with helical gears for car seat transmission, through the control switch on the door armrest to control the seat circuit path and current direction, to achieve intelligent multifunctional adjustment of the seat horizontal, height, and angle.

Electric seats of car are composed of motors, transmission parts , and a control circuit.Electric motors produce a power transmission that transfers power to the seat by controlling the adjustment of the seat at different positions. The motor is typically a permanent magnet DC motor. The seat controls the direction of the current flowing through the motor by controlling the switch to achieve a change in the direction of rotation.
The transmission parts mainly include a reducer, a coupling, a flexible shaft and a gear transmission mechanism. The role of the reducer from Zhaowei is to reduce the speed and increase the torque. The electric motors are respectively connected to different flexible shafts, and the flexible shafts are connected to the input shaft of the reducer. After the power is reduced by the reducer to increase the torque, the output shaft is output from the output shaft of the reducer, and the output shaft of the transmission is connected with the worm shaft or the gear shaft, and finally the worm gear or gears and racks drive the seat bracket to produce displacement,which is the principle of adjusting car seat. Geared motors from Zhaowei is small volume,large torque,high efficiency and low noise,which meets needs of car seat.
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