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Automobile clutch gate valve gear box (clutch gate valve with gear motor)

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Automobile clutch is an important part of vehicle transmission system, with the hybrid and the prevalence of new energy and smart cars,  the development of automobile clutch gate valve gearbox is increasingly important.In addition, the spare parts procurement, under the background of globalization, in order to reducing the production cost effectively, develop new markets, large auto parts enterprises to low-cost countries in the world and regional industrial transfer, and the range of transfer to the bigger, including from all aspects of production and manufacturing to research and development.At present, new energy vehicles has now become the automotive industry's prospective areas, for the development of the whole car industry, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection of the power of science and technology, will become an important factor in whether a brand can go further.

1.Raise the use efficiency of pressure control valve, lubrication pressure relief valve, make the shift operation more convenient to improve comfort.

2.Increase the speed ratio distribution, enhance the clutch and transmission efficiency of the problem of easy to stall

3.Solution when the load exceeds the maximum load, motor and reducer can still operate in setting the maximum torque, and won't be damaged by excessive load, improve the service life of the clutch;Four, to solve noise and the gear box products in use process of gear damage. 

Zhaowei through the clutch gate valve gear box scheme analysis and design, solves the small output torque and low noise problem of improving the service life of the clutch.

To ensure response in a short time and high current endeavoring to torque output.Let the clutch slave cylinder oil return rate is reduced, so that the clutch more slowly, to prolong half linkage, improve comfort, is not easy to stall.

8mm plastic motor

In order to minimize the force acting on the clutch pedal, also won't because the gear ratio is too large and increasing the pedal stroke, let users in the process of accelerated won't have the feeling of power interruption, the acceleration of the vehicle more strong and smooth, we use more than 20 years of micro gear box development experience, through the development of high strength wear-resistant materials technology, process optimization, lubrication technology of high speed, high precision assembly technology, reliability and life test technology and the new type of transmission mechanism to explore, deeply research the structure of automobile clutch control valve in the material of automobile clutch gate valve gear box and the optimization of gear solved the problem of the vigorously from the low noise and improve the effectiveness and service life of automobile clutch, and can improve the comfort of the user.

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