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Automobile intelligent charging pile gearbox scheme

Categories: AutomobileRelease time: 2018-05-29 10:22:00

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Project Instruction: With the popularization of new energy electric vehicles, it is the trend of the times to make the charging pile into every parking space like intelligent household appliances, so that every parking space can have intelligent charging ability. In order to shorten the charging time of users, high voltage and high current working methods are widely used in charging piles, which puts forward high requirements for safe charging. In addition, charging pile "maintenance difficulty" and "failure" are also bottlenecks restricting the development of new energy vehicles.


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A megabyn charging pile gear box is combined with electric problems, the problem of the owner, the number of cars, such as the number of cars to a certain extent, when the car is in a certain degree, and when it enters the community, the disordered charging will burst the power grid in this district, and the danger of charging and electrification, we all have the micro teeth that consider the use of the planetary gear structure. In the structure and space design, it not only improves the reliability and reduces the total cost, but also has the characteristics of large torque rigidity, small vibration, strong impact resistance, large load carrying capacity, high starting power, high transmission efficiency and so on, which can better meet the charging pile of intelligent car. Drive demand.


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The megabyn charging pile gear box is suitable for the insertion force and pulling force test of the plug and socket connector of the new energy charging vehicle and the plug and socket connector. In order to adapt to the compatibility of the recharging pile and the new energy technology, the specification of the gear motor product of the car charging pile is 3.4MM to 45MM, The voltage specifications are from 1.5V to 36V, and can also be customized according to the needs of automobile charging pile manufacturers.

Above is for a specific customer development and design, only as Automobile intelligent charging pile gearbox of the program display. The mega power can be based on customer's special needs to do the design, development and production, product ownership for customers.

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