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Automotive panoramic sliding skylight gearbox

Categories: AutomobileRelease time: 2018-07-13 17:16:00
Project background

  For a "competent" MPV, riding comfort is as important as driving fun. With panoramic sliding skylights, a load of sunny air, and laughter, it was a very happy thing. And these, and Siouwei's panoramic sliding skylight motor gearbox scheme, brings you closer to happiness.
Project challenge
To solve the problem of sunshade and noise in small rooms under high frequency vibration, improve vehicle comfort.

  1. Through the analysis and design of automobile electric sliding skylight, the problem of small output large torque is solved.
  2. The gear and tooth profile of the whole window system are modified to enhance the sound insulation and noise reduction function (≤34DB) of the product under high frequency vibration.

Scheme display

  1.Using the design concept and scheme of herringbone teeth, the noise reduction function can be improved to solve the indoor sun shading noise of planetary gearbox (less than 34DB).
  2.The brake mechanism for solving the planetary gearbox. The traditional planetary deceleration gearbox uses the motor brake tool ZHAOWEI to develop the automobile sliding skylight gearbox (35MM deceleration gear box) to integrate the brake into the planetary gearbox so that the brake can be controlled better.

    Zhaowei automobile skylight motor gearbox scheme can greatly improve the quality of the car. According to the research needs of the first-line automobile manufacturers, we develop and design a multi-layer transferable transmission ratio mechanism. The designed skylight motor gearbox has two or three levels. Four levels of transmission change. According to the design requirements of the automobile manufacturers can change the deceleration ratio and adjust the input speed and torque of the gearbox to improve the panoramic sliding skylight elegant operation function: achieve start and stop gradually.
  Our products focus on the gear drive part of the car design and development for customers, the products are mainly involved in EPB, electric rear door, electric door and window gearbox, automotive electric window motor, throttle controller, ABS brake system components and so on.If you have any questions,you can contact our online sales manager. If you have any questions,you can contact our online sales manager.






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