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Autofocus motor gearbox solution for cameras

Making the focusing process fast and accurate has always been the goal of camera and lens manufacturers. The traditional electromagnetic motor drives the automatic focusing system, and most manufacturers design the automatic focusing system which uses the  autofocus motor to drive the lens. The autofocus motor gearbox solution combines the precision compact gearbox with the built-in autofocus motor in the lens, and the autofocus speed is slightly affected by the machine grade.
The autofocus motor adjusts the zoom and focus of the optical lens rapidly during the motion, or adjusts the mirror in the laser application, realizing the transmission of the high precision and the big torque in the tiny installation space.
Autofocus motor solution for cameras
Autofocus motor gear box manufacturing is not easy, we need motor gear box with three characteristics: high speed, stability, precision. In fact, these three tests are not all R & D strength, there are micro-gear box manufacturing accuracy and product rate.In the last two years, the high-end lens model is still stuck to the ultrasonic motor position, but some entry-level lenses, especially the APS-C sleeve lens, have gradually started to use stepping motors, which are characterized by smaller size,and its focusing speed is close to the ultrasonic motor, which will be another direction in the future. The motor seems simple, but it requires complicated mechanical design and high machining precision.
In order to solve the accurate demand of camera autofocus motor to achieve overmute, we use the self-developed gearbox design platform to distribute the transmission system in the gear box of the autofocus motor reasonably, and calculate the meshing angle optimally and check the slip ratio and coincidence ,which effectively improve life and accuracy of the autofocus motor.

Meanwhile,In order to solve the problem of the high speed and stability of the camera autofocus motor, we can adjust the motor parameters according to the multi-layer variable transmission ratio mechanism by using the structure of the autofocus motor gearbox. the product has two, three, four-stage transmission changes,which can change reduction ratio and adjust the input speed and torque according to transmission requirements,solving the requirement of Intelligent transmission of autofocus motor from transmission mode.
Zhaowei has the advantages of low power consumption and large torque for the solution of camera autofocus motor.The autofocus motor solution for cameras can quickly and accurately drive large-weight focusing lenses into motion with a small amount of power, micro-noise, and can be used for large-size long-focus lenses or large-lens wide-angle lenses.Focusing speed is slow and it is not suitable for high-end lens application,with all kinds of motors, it can be solved well and realize automatic focusing.
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