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Electronic cigarette gearbox

At present, the electronic cigarette on the market are full of eyes. Heating and not burning electronic cigarettes is changing the traditional smoking habits. However, such cigarettes have a relatively large use drawback: the insertion and removal of the cartridges is difficult, otherwise the tobacco leaves remain inside, then clean around the host heater very difficult and the smoke is very poor.then zhaowei gearbox plays an important in e-cigarette.
In response to the ease of use of electronic cigarettes, we have developed and designed a 4mm planetary gearbox solution for electronic cigarettes. Through the analysis of the structure of the electronic cigarette main engine, the lifting system gearbox moving assembly is added to the heater driving structure, and the precise and compact box structure of the 4MM planetary gear box can solve the electronic cigarette bomb problems, which is difficult to insert, pull out and clean.
VAPE lovers know that e-cigarettes are good, but the insertion or pull out of the bomb is a real problem. Although many people know that the cigarette tip cannot be rotated in the insertion process,otherwise the heating piece in the device will be damaged by the rotation action; If the heating piece is damaged, the body cap should be pulled up to remove the special cigarette tip, otherwise, the cigarette slice in the cigarette tip will fall on the host heater.Finally, cleaning the machine is very troublesome, if it’s not clean,it will also affect the taste of smoking and amount of smoke, resulting in a poor experience.
Zhaowei gearbox for e-cigarette
In order to consume the lower battery and allowing the smoke bomb to easily extend or descend (torque), we have developed a multi-layer convertible transmission ratio mechanism. The mechanism has two, three, four stage drive changes,which can change the reduction ratio and adjust the input speed and torque of the gearbox according to the design requirements of the electronic cigarette motor.

                                                               E-cigarette planetary gearbox drawing
Zhaowei electronic cigarette gearbox solution can also reduce the noise of the host of the e-cigarette in use, and meet the product small volume and large torque transmission demand: the design of the herringbone tooth is used to solve the noise problem when the tubular planetary motor gearbox is moving in the host of the electronic cigarette. In addition, in the electronic cigarette gearbox, the 4MM planetary gears are small gears, and each gear has a smaller pitch than a single hair. The planetary gearbox components of the pinion module solve the need for intelligent transmission of the electronic cigarette bomb lifting in a limited space.

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