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Gearbox for electric screwdriver

Speaking of electric screwdrivers, I believe many DIY enthusiasts and digital enthusiasts are very familiar. At present, there are many electric screwdrivers on the market, which are positioned in the maintenance of precision instruments and don’t damages to the screws. The electric screwdrivers is smaller,lighter and has more power.however,there requirements are inseparable from planetary gearboxes and motors.
Small volume and large torque
The electric screwdriver is equipped with a multi-stage planetary gear box, which can be adjusted in multiple stages by the motor. This is because the Zhaowei electric screwdriver gearbox solution is based on design  mechanism of multi-layer convertible planetary gearbox transmission ratio, so that the product has two-stage, three-stage, four-stage transmission changes,and its reduction ratio,input speed and torque can be adjusted according to the requirements of electric screwdriver. The planetary gear box has the characters of compact structure,high efficient,realizing the needs of small volume and large torque.
It has protective function
We developed a 6mm planetary gearbox solution for electric screwdrivers. By analyzing the function of the electric screwdriver, we use the positive and negative planetary gearbox to adjust the electric screwdriver torque for tightening and loosening the screws. In terms of safety, the self-locking can be realized by using the reduction gear box and the screw rod.The detection screwdriver is manually twisted, and the internal self-locking structure is automatically opened to avoid damage to the motor.

When twisting the screw, it is easy to remove the screw by tapping the switch. The screwdriver has a twist-proof function that evenly rotates to prevent damage to components due to excessive force. If you want to enjoy the fun of disassembling things, then it is a traditional screwdriver. Suitable for quartz watches, cameras, radios, computers, mobile phones, drones and other conventional household appliances, to meet most daily repair needs.
Enjoy DIY with low noise
We will devote our passion for life to each product and present a quality life with rigorous and meticulous attitude. For electric DIY enthusiasts, noise is their trouble. In order to solve this problem, we perform displacement coefficient distribution, meshing angle optimization calculation, slip ratio and coincidence check for each gear and structure in the intelligent electric screwdriver gear box to improve the efficiency, noise, life, etc.At the same time, the finite element analysis is used to analyze and calibrate the tooth surface strength of the arc gears and bevel gears to improve the stability of the electric screwdriver gear box.

If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. A small electric screwdriver like a pen, which is an excite thing for DIY enthusiasts. When people are increasingly pursuing a stylish and healthy lifestyle encountering technology, we need electric screwdrivers to drive the market. Our electric screwdriver gearbox standard has a 6MM planetary gearbox that satisfies the market. In addition, we can provide electric screwdriver gearbox solutions according to customer’s requirements.
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