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Geared Motor for Intelligent cleaning of E-cigarette

In order to solve the ease of use of electronic cigarettes, ZHAOWEI creatively introduced intelligent gear-drive control technology into the cleaning process of smoking sets.
E-cigarette cleaning is very necessary
As people's health awareness continues to increase, e-cigarettes are receiving more and more attention as an emerging traditional tobacco substitute. Heating non-combustible products is easy to deposit residues and a small amount of tar in the smoke chamber. If it is not removed in time, it will affect the heating performance of the heater during repeated use, and may crack harmful gases, which will greatly affect the subsequent smoking taste and user health. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the electronic cigarette frequently during use.
How to clean is a problem
At present, the cleaning methods of traditional e-cigarettes on the market are generally cleaned by hand using a clean cotton swab. It is necessary to unplug the e-cigarette and manually rotate it several times with a clean cotton swab. Such a cleaning method is undoubtedly a deficiencies in the VAPE user experience. Frequent insertion or removal of the cartridge causes the sheet of cigarettes in the mouthpiece to fall on the heater, causing trivial troubles in cleaning the host, and often leaving harmful substances to affect the taste and health of the smoking.
Micro gear drive from ZHAOWEI will help you solve it
In order to solve the ease of use of e-cigarettes, ZHAOWEI creatively introduces the intelligent drive control technology into the cleaning process of the smoking sets, insert the bracket into the smoke chamber and make it surround the outer heater. use two kinds of bristles:a kind of bristles friction is to clear the dead angle, a kind of bristles is to absorb dust and tar. Base on the principle of the micro gear transmission system ,the micro positive and negative reverse geared motor is installed in the electronic cigarette cap, just press the cleaning button, the battery will drive the gear motor to rotate and clean.
The 4mm planetary geared motor solution for e-cigarette
By analyzing the structure of the e-cigarette, the lifting gearbox system  moving assembly is added to the heater driving structure.The system has customized output speed and torque and matched with a suitable length and material of bristles,controlling the frictional force between the bristles and the smoking set are a desired range.It performs rapid cleaning of deposits and residues while the heater is not damaged, greatly reducing the time cost for cleaning and maintenance,solving the e-cigarette’s problems of difficult to insert, pull out and clean.
E-cigarette gearbox from ZHAOWEI adopts the design of the planetary gear box to meet the low noise requirement of the lifting motor in the e-cigarette . In addition, in the electronic cigarette gearbox, the 4MM planetary gears are small modulus gears, and each gear has a smaller pitch than a single hair. The planetary gearbox components of the pinion module meet the need for the intelligent drive of the e-cigarette bomb lifting mechanism in a limited space.
Geared Motor for Intelligent cleaning of E-cigarette

E-cigarettes have evolved from one product to another, and then developed into a VAPE culture. E-cigarette lift motors are of great significance to users of e-cigarettes. The emergence of ZHAOWEI intelligent e-cigarette cleaning motor is more convenient than traditional manual cleaning. It can be cleaned anytime, anywhere, such as in the car, restaurant or business trip. It is the general trend of users and e-cigarette manufacturers' consumer experience. Our standard e-cigarette gearbox has a 4MM planetary gearbox that meets the needs of the market. In addition, we can provide e-cigarette gearbox on-demand according to customer needs, involving R&D design, production, testing, assembly and so on.
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