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Gear motors for electronic cigarette evaporator

In today's fast-paced life, with the number of VAPE club and the quitters has increased, and e-cigarettes have become fashionable. The electronic cigarette industry has developed from 1963 to the present, from 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, and constantly upgrade. The purpose is to supply the growth of a certain pivot point in the product segmentation field---the gearbox solution for Intelligent electronic cigarette evaporator is a pivot point to increase the sales of electronic cigarettes.

Automatically push the cartridge to prevent the tobacco from falling and overheating
AI, Internet of Everything, 5G, robots and other words are familiar in our smart life. E-cigarettes are no exception, so it needs Intelligent lifting.In order to make the non-burning tobacco evenly heated and safe, you can insert the cartridge into the rod to heat when you use it, and after research, the heated e-cigarette will be the mainstream in the future.
Drive systems of heated tobacco rods and cartridges
 When the cartridge is inserted into the rod, the non-combusted tobacco in the cartridge easily slide down into the rod, causing the rod to malfunction. At the same time, when the user inserts the rod into the rod to heat it, the heating chip will be broken and bent. According to this series of problems, ZHAOWEI has developed a set of lifting gear box modules. Its main drive structure is a 5mm stepping motor,a 4mm gear box ,a screw output shaft and a nut transmission,thereby, it will push the cartridge up and down,which prevents the tobacco from slipping off and protects heated chip from being broken and bent,so the drive systems for heated tobacco rods and cartridges will attract more attention from electronic cigarette manufacturers.

Reliable lifting module (motor and gearbox)
 The electronic cigarette lifting module mainly uses a 5mm stepping motor. Why not use a coreless motor, a DC motor, or a brushless motor? This is mainly determined by the performance of the lifting module. The gearbox is 4mm because the choice of a large gearbox is slightly less difficult than the choice of a small gearbox without affecting performance, and the screw and nut can be selected according to the height of the rise and fall.

The flexibility of the gear box
The flexibility of the gear is inseparable from the motor and the gearbox. The gear flexibility needs to start from the raw materials of the gear. Our R&D personnel will select the motor and gearbox according to customer’s requirements, such as size, torque,current. After testing, we will provide several feasible solutions,then customers can choose a more suitable solution according to the price and performance. As for flexibility, because the planetary gear is different from the traditional mold design, the tooth thickness, modulus, and pressure angle of the gear need to be modified with empirical data, and cannot be directly processed at the shrinkage rate.

On the base of KISSSOFT,ZHAOWEI has developed the cavity parameterization calculation software for plastic gear molds with many years of experience. The software can directly generate gear contours,which is used for modifying and improve the gear precision. At the same time, we use conformal cooling technology, mold flow analysis technology, 3D laser printing technology, etc., then we can predict product deformation, shrinkage, lack of glue, gas trapping and other issues, and give corresponding solutions to improve the efficiency of test and improve product flexibility,function and user's body sensitivity using the lifting evaporator.
 ZHAOWEI has 3.4mm,4 mm,6 mm,8 mm,10 mm,12 mm,14 mm and 38 mm standard products which are suitable for different products.Because electronic cigarettes have different shape(long aspect, round, square, no shape, etc.),we can custom gearboxes according to customer’s requirements,and according to different thrust, tension, noise, number of pushes and pulls, and number of drops,we have coreless motors,DC motors,brush motors, and brushless motors you can choose.If in doubt, look forward to your consultation!
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