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Intelligent lifting gearboxes for concealed e-cigarette

When the cigarette holder of the e-cigarette is always exposed,the surrounding environment and air may cause different degrees of pollution to the cigarette holder. The concealed electronic cigarette supported by a micro gear motor can effectively solve this problem.
Affected by the increasing demand in the e-cigarette market, the functional design of e-cigarettes has also risen. To accurately grasp the trend of e-cigarette design style, it will certainly create higher value for the enterprises that operate it. The existing electronic cigarettes generally have a fixed cigarette mouthpiece. Even if the e-cigarette is not used, the cigarette nozzle of the electronic cigarette is always exposed, and the surrounding environment and air may cause different degrees of pollution to the cigarette mouthpiece.
In response to the drawbacks of the use of this e-cigarette, the concept of concealed electronic cigarettes on the market is now new.
When the e-cigarette is not in use, its cigarette mouthpiece can be hidden to avoid various types of pollution.The mechanical concealed cigarette mouthpiece is provided with an atomizing gas outlet,but the concealed cigarette nozzle atomizing gas outlet is disposed in the cigarette mouthpiece cover, and the concealed cigarette mouthpiece outlet is slidably mounted in the inner wall of the electronic cigarette liquid storage device.
What can we do?
In order to further enhance the user experience, ZHAOWEI creatively adds the micro-lifting device to the design of the electronic cigarette. When the user uses it, he only needs to press the power button.when the atomizing device base of e-cigarettes rotates out,the concealed cigarette mouthpiece is automatically raised for the user to use. When the electronic cigarette liquid storage device rotates in the opposite direction with respect to the atomizing device base, the concealed cigarette mouthpiece automatically moves downward to be hidden in the mouthpiece cover.
The user takes in air through the raised concealed cigarette holder/mouthpiece and an air flow passage, and the air flow turns on the air flow trigger switch,then the positive pole of the power source is connected with the positive pole of the atomizing core,the atomizing core convects into the liquid guiding medium to atomize the electronic cigarette liquid.
Smaller and More Convenient
Compared with the mechanical push-pull hiding method, the electric lifting is more convenient and high-end, and can further improve the service life of the e-cigarette. The micro-lifting and lowering motor can realize the intelligent experience of the e-cigarette on the basis of maintaining the advantage of the portable volume.

ZHAOWEI gear drive solutions for e-cigarette adopt the design of the planetary gear box. In the intelligent lifting gearbox of the electronic cigarette, the 4MM planetary gear is a small modulus gear, and the gear pitch of each gear is smaller than that of one hair.The solutions solve the requirement that the electronic cigarette bomb lifting  mechanism can be realized in a limited space.
Customization can better meet the needs of market
With the improvement of the concept of environmental protection, the awareness of social health has gradually increased and promoted the replacement of traditional tobacco by electronic cigarettes, breaking the consumption pattern of traditional tobacco. The environmental performance of concealed e-cigarettes has great significance for users. ZHAOWEI intelligent lifting solutions for concealed e-cigarette are the general trend of consumer and electronic cigarette manufacturers' consumption experience. Our standard e-cigarette gearbox has a 4MM planetary gearbox that meets the needs of the market. In addition, we can provide e-cigarette gearboxes on-demand according to customer needs, involving R&D, production, testing, assembly and so on.
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