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Juicer gearmotor application


  With the rapid development of intelligent area,making more and more people be lack of sense of value.In the family life,the housewife would like to share the food to family members and friends by handcraft way which is a healthy,stylish way for love expression. Home intelligent broken machine is an extension of Soymilk, it is no longer limited to playing soy milk but can do more food, more we can imagine the food.Zhaowei micro-motor gear box for home intelligent broken machine based on "complete food concept", the food as much as possible all food and absorption, do not lose any part. Its unique combination of gold, the food can be thoroughly broken in dozens of seconds to the most meticulous, the rate of the cell wall of the food is very high.

Zhaowei micro motor gearbox with low speed broken wall, and enhance the torque of the technology, not only to achieve the home intelligent wall breaking function instantly broken fruit and vegetable wall, the effective extraction of plant biochemical, but also adds a safe self-locking function, through electromagnetic induction Safety lock to do the switch cover automatically power off, more secure and reliable.
  The above intelligent fire-breaking machine motor gear box for the development of specific customer design, only as a micro motor gearbox program display. Zhaowei can design and produce micro gear reducers as requirements

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