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Toy block

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Project background
  It is understood that more than half of the parents for the development of their children started STEAM education, children's creativity building block robot has developed.The building block robot is assembled by the parts (blocks) of the high precision injection molding mould, and then the building block is controlled to run efficiently through the precise mechanical transmission structure.

Project problems
  To solve the intelligent building block walking, grasping, shooting or load bearing intelligent transmission at all levels;
In order to solve the difficulty of assembling and disassembling the building block parts, the gap is large, the parts have burrs, and the fit degree is not high;

Project solution
  In order to meet the needs of intelligent building block motor for walking, grabbing or shooting or carrying weight in various application scenarios, Zhaowei intelligent building block built-in motor gearbox scheme adjust the parameters of each motor according to the multi-layer transferable transmission ratio mechanism . The product has two, three, four levels of transmission changes, and can root the system motor transmission requirements, change deceleration ratio and adjust the input speed and torque of the gearbox.From the transmission mode to solve the intelligent building block walking, grabbing, shooting or load-bearing intelligent transmission requirements at all levels.
  Above gearboxes of Intelligent Building Block Drive are designed for specific customers ,it is only used to disply the solutions.ZhaoWei can design,develop and produce the relative gearboxes according to customer’s  product requirement.

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