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Seismic testing instrument

Earthquake Testing Instrument

Project explanation: It is generally believed that the earthquake emergency nature, earthquake prediction is a difficult problem all over the world, and some seismologists assert that earthquakes cannot be predicted, that is in the self-organized critical state of the earth, any small earthquakes are likely to be catastrophic for a big earthquake ", and" small earthquake become big earthquake will depend on not only its faults, but also the entire (source) physical state space of many small structures, and people could not grasp the critical state of deep countless fine structure, because the earthquake cannot forecast. Earthquake precursor has its own physical seismogenic model, the seismogenic process is divided into loading, unloading, stalemate, short term and impending 5 stages; many earthquake examples proved that physical model of earthquake damage earthquake will be repeated and reproduced; put forward the tracking of earthquake precursory signal , step by step analysis method of earthquake prediction, stage of earthquake prediction were the division of practicality, there is hope for earthquake prediction. The damage in Beijing Pu Jingxin Technology Co., Ltd. - Sun Wei (destructive earthquake is predictable, seismogenic physical model and impending earthquake signals)

Earthquake Testing Instrument

Earthquake Testing Instrument

Earthquake Testing Instrument

ZHAOWEI has a more than 20 years of micro gear box development experience, and Beijing general grey common design and development of the seismic instrumentation nano gearbox. Permanent magnet DC motor digital control drive through seismic instrument gear box, the product structure by action of the worm helical gear precision transmission and screw rod transmission made products to achieve the highest accuracy, the seismic instrument without dithering or overlapping on formation of waveform record.

Above is specific customer development and design, show only as a domestic service robots sweeping machine gear box. Zhao Wei electrical can according to the special needs of customers products design, development and production, and the property of the product to all customers.


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