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Intelligent Electric Toothbrush GearBox

Categories: CE ProductsRelease time: 2016-05-06 09:24:00

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Project explanation: Nowadays more and more people begin to use electric toothbrush, but there are also people question: such a strong electric powered toothbrush, won't bring some negative effects to their teeth and gums? In fact, electric toothbrush of the teeth and gums did not harm, join toothbrush, but also more secure. Because you use the ordinary toothbrush, it is often difficult to control the intensity. Strength is small, brush is not clean, the big strength, it will hurt the your teeth and gums. Brushing with an electric toothbrush, you only need to put the brush hair gently against the teeth, need not be forced, to brush your teeth clean.

Three major benefits of electric toothbrush:

The first big advantage: clean more thoroughly

The second major benefit: reducing gum bleeding

The third advantage: to help you develop a good habit of brushing your teeth




Project explanation: Zhao Wei has a more than 20 years of micro gear box development experience, design and development of the core module of the planetary gear box structure of intelligent electric toothbrush. By a permanent magnet DC motor and precision planetary transmission structure of gear box with, which makes the design of gear box has the advantages of compact structure, the use of stable transmission torque.Solution: the traditional electric toothbrush is the DC brush motor and worm gear transmission to realize the toothbrush rotation, but due to the limit of accuracy of gear and transmission mode, in the process of brushing teeth with the increase of efforts lead to the output torque, speed is reduced. ZHAOWEI get rid of the worm drive, the unreliable transmission mode, using permanent magnet DC motor and precision planetary transmission structure of gear box with the toothbrush output force balance, the rotating speed is constant.

Above is for a specific customer development and design, only as a smart electric toothbrush program display. Mega power can be based on customer's special needs to do product design, development and production.

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