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Accuracy requirements of planetary gear reducer

2019-05-06 15:55:53
Analysis and practical experience show that the factors that have a great influence on the quality of the planetary gear reducer are: gear machining accuracy, planetary wheel hole pitch deviation, eccentricity of the planet carrier and the center wheel, and coaxiality of the mating surfaces of the body and the cover. The material and heat treatment performance requirements of the gear are also important conditions that affect the transmission capacity, service life and economic efficiency. Excessive technical requirements are uneconomical,but too low technical requirements reduce the load carrying capacity and service life of the drive. Below are some gear precision and technical requirements.
 Accuracy requirements of planetary gear reducer
1.Accuracy level
Most of the planetary gear reducers use cylindrical gears. In planetary gearing with a reasonable load sharing mechanism, the highest circumferential speeds allowed by the different precision gears are different.
2.The tooth clearance of gear pair
For planetary gear transmissions, for different transmissions, the minimum clearance is recommended for lubrication and cooling. The minimum clearance is mainly used to lubricate and compensate for thermal deformation, part machining error and elastic deformation, etc., to ensure that the transmission works normally and no jam occurs.
3.Requirements for planetary wheels
The eccentricity of the planetary gear has the greatest influence on the quality of the transmission, so the tolerance of the radial ring runout of the ring gear should be strictly required.Starting from the uniform distribution of the load between the planetary wheels,the actual tooth thickness of the planetary gears in the same transmission should be as equal as possible.

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