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Advantages and maintenance of a micro gear motor

2019-07-09 15:01:25
The small geared motor is a power transmission mechanism, and it can decelerate the speed of the motor to a desired speed by using a gear speed converter and get large torque.
small geared motor
The small geared motor is composed of gear pairs of various stages. For example, the gear can be driven by the pinion to achieve a certain deceleration purpose,if the muliti-stage structure is used,it can greatly reduce the speed.
 so in general, The working principle of the micro gear motor is to use all kinds of gear transmission to achieve the purpose of speed reduction.
Why choose a micro gear motor?
The transmission of the small geared motor is a high-precision transmission, and the transmission efficiency is high. Although there are many ways to achieve the deceleration, the currently used method is to reduce speed by the gear, because the gear can not only reduce the space but also reduce cost. A geared motor,also know as miniature gear box. Usually, the gear box is a combination of some gears. Because the gear box itself has no power, it needs a motor to drive it.
How to protect the micro gear motor?
Most of the gear parts of the geared motor are damaged by friction and wear. Therefore, a reasonable friction pair and suitable lubrication can be used to reduce friction. Lubrication is the use of a material to separate the surfaces that move relative to each other. This material has low frictional resistance and little wear. The main role of lubricating oil in gear transmission is to reduce frictional resistance and reduce wear, thereby extending the service life of mechanical parts.

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