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Before you start the 24v dc gear motor,you should do this

2019-06-12 17:35:24
The 24v DC gear motor is fixed with a ring-shaped permanent magnet, and the current generates a Lorentz force through the coil on the rotor. When the coil on the rotor is parallel to the magnetic field, the direction of the current will change due to the magnetic field, The brush at the end of the rotor is in alternating contact with the converter, so that the direction of the current on the coil also changes, and the direction of the Lorentz force is constant, so the motor can maintain one direction of rotation.
1.The inspection of the 24v DC gear motor before starting
1. The surface of the commutator after cleaning should be smooth or not, whether the spring of the starter is flexible, and whether the rotating arm is in the breaking position.
2. Before use, check whether the surface of the commutator is normal, whether there are wear and spark burn marks, if any, it should be processed in time and then turned on.
3. The brush has a normal gap in the brush holder. Check that the brush holder is secured, dusty, and clean.
2.The choice of the 24v DC gear motor starting method

1. Starting with a varistor. When the DC machine starts, connect a resistor in the rotor circuit to limit the starting current. As the motor speed increases, the contacts of the varistor are cut off step by step.
2. When the DC motor is started, connect the varistor resistors into the armature (rotor) circuit until all the starting resistors are removed.
3. When the machine is stopped, the load can be removed (except for the series excitation motor). Turn off the line switch, and the rotating arm of the starter should be immediately pulled to the open position by the spring.
4. Using a varistor to start can reduce the starting current, but the disadvantage is that the equipment is cumbersome, energy consumption is large.

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