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Causes of Gear noise

2019-08-02 16:04:14
Miniature planetary gearboxes are common components in modern industrial and domestic applications. When a pair of gears mesh, there are inevitably errors such as pitch and tooth shape, which will generate noise during operation, and between the tooth surfaces. Friction noise also occurs due to relative sliding. Because the gear is the basic part in the gearbox transmission, improving the gear quality can effectively reduce the noise of the gearbox. In general, the causes of gear system noise mainly have the following aspects:
1. Gear design.
Improper parameter selection, too small coincidence, improper or no shape modification, and unreasonable gearbox structure.
2. Gear processing.
The tooth profile error is too large, the flank clearance is too large, and the surface roughness is too large.
3. Gear train and gearbox.
Assembly eccentricity, low contact accuracy, poor parallelism of the shaft, insufficient rigidity of the shaft, bearing, low rotation accuracy of the bearing or improper clearance.
4. Input torque in other aspects.
Fluctuation of load torque, torsional vibration of the shafting, balance of the motor and other transmission pairs, etc.

Miniature planetary gearboxes

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