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Characteristics of Gear Transmission

2019-05-13 14:18:21
Among the various transmission forms, gear transmission is the most widely used in modern machinery. This is because the gear transmission has the following characteristics:

1) High transmission accuracy. The belt drive does not guarantee an accurate gear ratio, and the chain drive cannot achieve a constant instantaneous gear ratio. However, the transmission ratio of the modern involute gear is theoretically accurate and constant. This is not only a key requirement for precision machinery and instruments, but also an important condition for reducing dynamic loads and achieving smooth transmission under high speed and heavy load.

2) Wide application range. The power range of the gear transmission is very wide, the peripheral speed can be very low, and it can be very high, and the belt drive and the chain drive are hard to match.

3) It is possible to realize the transmission between any two axes of parallel axis, intersecting axis, staggered axis, etc., which is also impossible for belt drive and chain drive.

4) Reliable operation, long service life and stable transmission ratio.

5) The transmission efficiency is high.

6) The manufacturing and installation requirements are high and the cost is also high.

7) The gear transmission is strict for the environment conditions and we should pay attention to lubrication.

8) Not applicable to transmissions between two axes that are far apart.

9) Vibration damping and impact resistance are not as good as flexible transmissions such as belt drives.

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