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Characteristics of worm gear motor drive

2019-05-06 16:19:32
A worm gear motor is a kind of speed reducing device that relies on the transmission between the worm and the worm gear to increase the torque and reduce the speed of the motor.The worm gear motor is one of the speed reducers. What are the characteristics of its transmission?
 The characteristic of worm gear motor drive
1. The worm geared motor has a special staggered-axis helical gear transmission. The transmission is relatively compact in structure, and a large transmission ratio can be obtained, and at the same time, it is relatively accurate.
2. The worm gear motor is strict with the material of the worm gear,for example,worm gear and worm need to have sufficient strength, wear resistance, adhesive resistance and so on.
3.The worm gear motor can achieve self-locking, provided that the worm screw of the worm gear motor has a lower angle of lift than the equivalent friction angle of the meshing surface.
Finally, the sliding speed of the worm gear of the gear motor is relatively large, which will cause a certain friction loss and heat. Therefore, the general worm wheel will be made of some special metal.
The worm gear motor can be used many application due to its advantages. Now worm gear motor are used in car seat adjustment,realizing the purpose of intelligently adjusting the horizontal, height and angle of the seat. And it can be used in circuit breaker,seismic testing instrument and so on.

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