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Common Classification of Gear reducer

2019-07-30 17:06:49
Gear reducer is a commonly used reduction gear mechanism. It can be used in machinery manufacturing, automobile, mining, lifting, port, transportation, textile, energy, machinery industrialization, etc. It can also be used in home automation, electronic products, personal care, etc. .
The main function of the gear reducer is to reduce the output speed and lifting torque through meshing drive of a gearbox. At present, the commonly used gear reducers mainly have the following classifications:
Common classification of Gear reducer 
1. According to the power is divided into: high power gear reducer, low power gear reducer.
2. According to the specifications are divided into: large gear reducer, small gear reducer.
3. According to the material is divided into: metal gear reducer, plastic gear reducer.
4. According to the transmission motor is divided into: DC gear motor, stepper gear motor, gear hollow cup gear motor.
5. According to the accuracy is divided into: precision gear reducer, ordinary gear reducer
6. According to the number of stages: single-stage gear reducer, two-stage gear reducer, three-stage gear reducer and other multi-stage gear reducer.
7. According to the gear structure: cylindrical gear reducer, parallel shaft gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, bevel gear reducer, arc gear reducer
8. According to whether it is customized, it can be divided into: standard reducer and custom gear reducer.
Gear reducer features: small size, space saving, reliable and durable, customizable output power, low energy consumption, high performance, low vibration, low noise, long service life and stable transmission.

Gear reducer

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