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Difference and application of reducer and gearbox

2019-08-02 16:14:52
The reducer and the gearbox are closely related to each other. The reducer includes a gearbox, and the gearbox exists as a mechanism on the reducer; the gearbox is assembled by a gear set. The following ZHAOWEI introduces the difference between the reducer and the gearbox and the application direction:
Reducer overview
The reducer is a combination of the motor and the gear box. The main transmission structure is a reducer assembled by the drive motor and the gear box.The transmission motor is divided into DC brush motor, DC brushless motor, stepping motor, hollow cup motor, permanent magnet motor, electric motor according to the structure type. As the transmission source of the reducer, the motors provide high-speed, low-torque speed output, reducing the output speed and increasing torque torque under the action of the gear box. 
Gearbox overview
The gearbox is assembled by a plurality of transmission meshing gear sets and is used on the reducer. The gearbox is further divided into a planetary gearbox, a cylindrical gearbox, a straight gearbox, a parallel gearbox, and a helical gearbox,bevel gear box, worm gear box according to the purpose and gear structure.According to the material,it is divided into plastic gear box, metal gear box. For example, planetary gear box due to high precision, long life, small size, transmission efficiency, wide range of deceleration. A planetary gear box is assembled by planetary gears, sun gears, internal ring gears, drive shafts, washers and boxes.
Reducer and gearbox applications
The reducer includes a gear box, which is divided into a high-power reducer and a small-power reducer according to the power.The high-power reducer is used in ships, locomotives, transportation, docks, lifting, construction, mining, steel, non-ferrous metals, heavy-duty manufacturing, etc. Small power reducer is used in home automation, household appliances, communication antennas, electronic products, camera aerial equipment, security field, automotive transmission, robot equipment, logistics and storage equipment,artificial intelligence and other fields.


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