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How is the transmission accuracy error of the planetary reducer generated?

2019-07-19 15:12:54
The transmission accuracy of the planetary reducer is mainly manifested in three aspects: the rotation accuracy, the guiding precision and the transmission precision.
1.How is the bearing rotation accuracy error of the planetary reducer formed?
The machining error and assembly quality of the components of the planetary reducer; the influence of the machining error of the spindle; the influence of the process error of the transmission bearing.
2.What is the cause of the guiding precision error of the planetary reducer?
(1) Influenced by the clearance of the guide rail;
(2) Influenced by the stiffness of the guide rail itself;
(3) Influenced by the geometric accuracy of the guide rail.
3.How is the main error source of the planetary reducer transmission accuracy formed?
(1) The error of the transmission component has a major impact on the accuracy of the transmission of the equipment;
(2) The error of the matching parts and the assembly quality have a significant impact on the transmission accuracy;
(3) During the working, the transmission parts will inevitably cause deformation due to heat and stress, which will have certain influence on the transmission precision of the transmission chain.

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