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How to calculate the reduction of a planetary reducer?

2019-07-17 15:43:17
In the family of reducers, planetary reducers are widely used in automotive transmission, smart home, communication equipment, robots, mechanical equipment, industrial automation, etc. due to their small size, high transmission efficiency, wide deceleration range and high precision. In the system, the planetary gear reducer has a wide range of deceleration. When selecting the technical parameters, it is necessary to calculate the reduction ratio and other parameters.
Calculation formula for reduction ratio
Formula: n1/n2=i
1. The calculation method: reduction ratio = input speed ÷ output speed, the ratio of the connected input speed and output speed. If the input speed is 1500r/min and the output speed is 25r/min, then the reduction ratio is: i=1500 :25=60:1.
2. Calculation method of gear train: reduction ratio = number of driven gears/number of driven gears (if multi-stage gear reduction, then the number of driven gears of all pairs of gears that mesh with each other ÷ the number of active gear teeth, and then the result will be multiply by).
Transmission ratio calculation formula
Planetary gearbox: Level 1: i = (number of internal gear teeth / number of sun teeth) +1
Multi-level: i=i1*i2*i3...
Reducer efficiency calculation formula
Planetary gearbox: first stage: η=0.9*0.9*100% (normal)
Multistage: η=η1*0.9 where n is the number of stage.

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