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How to prevent Oil return of gear reducer?

2019-05-07 18:03:42
How to prevent Oil return of gear reducer? There are some tips which is helpful for you.
1. When installing the gear reducer, try to avoid the screwdriver from scratching the drive shaft. Pay attention to the gear reducer for good oil seal.

2. Regularly check the gears, bearings and other parts of the gear reducer. If there is rust and wear, it should be handled and replaced in time.

3. Keep the gear reducer in a good lubrication state. It should not be too much or too little when feeding the lubricating oil. It is better to add less and more frequently, and it is better to replace the new gear oil in two months.

4. Regularly clean the gear reducer. The vent hole should be kept open, and the inner cavity of the gear reducer should keep the oil pure.

5. The gear reducer should not be in an overloaded operation for a long time, because the long-term continuous work will produce high temperature and heat, which will easily cause the loss of the gear reducer.

In short, to maintain the higher speed of the gear reducer and the torque ratio of the transmission, it is necessary to do the maintenance work of the gear reducer, because this will improve the working efficiency of the gear reducer, and can effectively avoid oil loss and save maintenance costs.

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