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How to reduce the noise of gear reducer?

2019-09-03 16:35:37
The main reasons for the noise of the gear reducer is the conflict of the transmission gear, the vibration, maintenance, gearbox How to reduce the noise of gear reducerparameter design, component aging (damage) and bumping, etc. , the following 7 reasons are summarized and maintenance methods.

gear reducer
1. Gear reducer maintenance
Many scholars regard the change of gear tooth stiffness in gear transmission as the primary factor of gear vibration and noise. Use the shape modification method to minimize the dynamic load and speed fluctuation to achieve the purpose of reducing noise. This approach proved to be a more useful approach in practice.
2. Technical parameter optimization
After many years of research, it is proposed that the optimized gear parameters, such as the displacement coefficient, the tooth height coefficient, the pressure angle and the center distance, minimize the biting impact velocity, the gear planning method to reduce or avoid the impact of the pitch circle, can also significantly reduce the gear noise of the reducer.
3. Control the quality of raw materials
High-quality raw materials are the prerequisite for the production of high-quality products. 40Cr and 45 steel, are used to make gears by our company. Regardless of the route, raw materials are subject to strict chemical composition inspection and grain size measurement after they arrive at the factory.
4. Control the accuracy of the gear
The basic requirements of gear precision: After practice, the gear precision must be controlled in GB10995-887~8, the line speed is higher than 20m/s gear, the pitch limit deviation, the ring gear radial runout tolerance, the tooth direction tolerance must be stable 7 levels of precision. Its purpose is to adjust the heat treatment deformation in time to improve the quality of the tooth profile processing.
5. Loose parts
During installation, due to the looseness of individual components, the system is not positioned properly and it will have noise.It needs to proceed from the design structure, try to ensure the stability of the connection of various institutions, and adopt a variety of connection methods.
6. Transmission parts are damaged
During the installation, the transmission parts are damaged due to improper operation, resulting in inaccurate motion or motion instability. High-speed moving parts may cause vibration and noise due to oil film vibration caused by damage or artificial movement imbalance. These reasons must be taken care of and avoided during the installation process. Damaged parts that cannot be repaired must be replaced to ensure a stable noise level.
7. Timely lubrication and proper use of oil
Unreasonable lubrication and incorrect use of grease will cause immeasurable damage to the gear unit. At high speeds, the friction of the gear tooth surface will generate a lot of heat energy. If the lubrication is improper, it will cause damage to the gear teeth, affecting the accuracy, and the noise will increase. The design requires the gear pair to have a proper clearance (the gap between the non-working faces of the meshing teeth to compensate for thermal deformation and storage grease). The correct use and selection of lubricating grease can ensure safe and effective operation of the system, delay the deterioration trend and stabilize the noise level.

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