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Important Assessment Indexes of Precision Reducer

2019-04-30 18:17:41
1. Torsional stiffness: the ability of resisting torsional deformation.
2.Starting torque: The torque required for no-load starting.
3. Transmission accuracy: When the input shaft rotates unidirectionally under working condition, the actual rotation angle of the output angle is close to the theoretical rotation angle.
4. Empty trip: The amount of hysteresis of the output shaft at the rotation angle when the input shaft is changed from forward to reverse in the working state.
5. Backlash: The angular displacement of the input end when the output end is fixed and the input end is ±3% rated torque.
6. Transmission efficiency: the ratio of output power to input power, affected by reduction ratio, speed, load, temperature, lubrication conditions, etc.

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