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Lubricating oil for the 24v gear motor

2019-06-04 15:35:51
24v gear motor is a micro motor,which has low noise,small volume,large torque and compact structure. Because it has many advantages,it’s very important to learn the lubricating oil for the 24v gear motor.This oil with excellent oxidation resistance, wear resistance and low temperature,and it can be used to reduce noise of the 24v gear motor .
The main features are as follows:
1. Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, strong anti-coking ability and low evaporation loss.
2. Low friction coefficient, strong abrasion resistance, high viscosity index and small change in viscosity with temperature.
3. Excellent low-noise performance, low temperature and low torque, which makes the 24v gear motor run quieter and more stable.
4. It is compatible with metal, most plastic and rubber sealing materials, and has a lifetime of lubrication.

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