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Maintenance methods of gear reducer

2019-07-29 16:25:42
Gear reducer is prone to failures,causes and solutions, ZHAOWEI summary gear reducer repair methods are as follows:
1. Oil leakage. cause: oil seal and shaft wear. solution: replace parts.
2. The oil sealant on the joint surface fails. solution: reapply the sealant.
3. Axial endplay. solution: adjust the axial clearance.
4. Box cracks. Solution: Replace the cabinet.
5. Noise.Too many reasons need to be considered comprehensively.
6. The bearing is loose or worn; solution: adjust the bearing clearance or replace the bearing.
7. Serve gear wear.solution: replace the gear.
8. The whole machine vibrates greatly. cause: the coaxiality error of the coupling is too large.solution: adjust the coupling.
9 The power used is too large; solution: re-selection or cooling device.
11. Poor lubrication (slow speed, low oil and others); solution: appropriate oiling or other lubrication methods.
12. Coupling coaxiality error is too large. solution: adjust the coupling.
13. Premature wear of gears and broken teeth. cause:improper selection of materials, etc.; solution:re-selection.
14. Poor lubrication.Solution: Use proper lubrication.
The above points are frequently encountered gear reducer failure and repair methods for the user's reference.

Gear reducer

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