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Methods of maintaining micro motors

2019-06-05 14:22:49
Many motors has wide applications,such as micro gear motor,24v gear motors. In general,many micro motors don’t need special maintenance,but the article still is helpful for other motors.

1. Wipe the motor to remove dust and sludge from the outside of the micro motor base in time. If the environment is dusty, it is best to clean it once a day.  

2. Check and clean the micro motor terminals. Check the junction box wiring screws for looseness and burns.

3. Some screws are checked on time, including ground cover screws, bearing cover screws, and foot screws.

4. Check the transmission device, check the coupling for any force and damage, and whether the installation is firm; whether the belt and its coupling buckle are intact.

5. Micro-motor starting equipment, but also timely wipe the external dust, dirt, wipe the contacts, check the wiring parts for burn marks, the grounding wire is good.

6. Bearing inspection and maintenance. The bearings should be cleaned after a period of use and replaced with grease or oil. The time for cleaning and oil change should be determined by the working condition of the motor, the working environment, the degree of cleaning, and the type of lubricant. When the oil temperature is high, or the motor with poor environmental conditions and dust is often cleaned and oil changed.

7. Inspection of insulation conditions. The insulating ability of insulating materials varies with the degree of drying, so it is very important to check the drying of the micro motor windings. The motor's working environment is humid, and there are corrosive gases in the work room, which will destroy the electrical insulation.
8.In addition to regular maintenance of the motor in accordance with the above items, it must be overhauled after one year of operation. The purpose of overhaul is to conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the micro motor, completely eliminating dust and dirt inside and outside the motor.

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