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Reducer Features for Robots

2019-07-27 17:18:15
With the popularization of industrial 4.0 and automatic mechanical industrialization, robots are more popular, and reducers play an important role in robot transmission. In general,reducers for robot are precision reducers.
Harmonic and RV reducers are widely used in the robot joint transmission.The miniature reducer such as the planetary reducer and the gear reducer used by the small service robot and the educational robot, and the characteristics of the robot reducer used in different industries and fields are also different.

Reducer features for industrial robots and robotic arms
1. Harmonic reducer features: high reduction ratio, small backlash, high precision, few parts, easy installation, small size, light weight, high torque capacity, high efficiency, low noise; high load carrying capacity. In the Harmonic reducer transmission, the tooth and the tooth mesh are in surface contact, and the number of meshing teeth (overlap coefficient) is relatively large at the same time, so the load per unit area is small, and the bearing capacity is higher than other transmission forms.
2.RV reducer features: The main structure consists of cycloidal pin wheel and planetary bracket with its small size, strong impact resistance, large torque, high positioning accuracy, small vibration and large reduction ratio.
Features for small service robots, educational robot reducers
Planetary reducer Features: Planetary reducer is a precision reducer with high transmission accuracy. It also has small size, light weight, high load capacity, long service life, stable operation, low noise, large output torque and large speed ratio.It has the characteristics of power splitting and multi-tooth meshing., so it is widely used in robot transmission, automatic industrial equipment.

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