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Solutions of reducing gear noise

2019-06-06 15:51:38
There are many reasons for the formation of gear noise. It is especially prone to high load and high speed rotation. At this time, the noise and vibration of the gear will become a big problem. We will reduce the noise of the gear as follows. When designing the gear and its device, pay attention to the following points, which will effectively reduce the noise.let’s me take an example,if a 24v gear motor has noise,we can analyse its reasons and find the above solutions to reduce the noise of 24v gear motor.

1. Using precision gears
Noise can be reduced by reducing gear error.The grinding of the gear not only improves the accuracy, but also improves the roughness of the tooth surface, so that the noise can be effectively improved.

2. Using smooth tooth surface
Gear grinding, lapping and honing can achieve ideal tooth surface roughness. In addition, proper running-in operation is also effective for reducing noise.

3. Proper backlash
When the driving torque is pulsating, it is easy to produce a knocking sound, and at this time, reducing the backlash can obtain a noise reduction effect. In the case of a generally uniform load, a large backlash is advantageous for reducing noise. 

4. Higher occlusion rate
The higher the occlusion rate, the quieter the operation, and reducing the pressure angle or increasing the tooth height can increase the occlusion ratio.The higher the overlap occlusion rate, the higher the total occlusion rate, so the helical gear is less noisy than the spur gear.

5. Smaller gears
Using small modulus and small outer diameter gears can reduce noise. Because the 24vgear motor itself is small modulus gear,so we don’t need to think about it.

6. Higher rigidity
Using a highly rigid gear or increasing the rigidity of the shaft and gearbox is good for reducing noise.

7. Using materials with high vibration attenuation rate.

If there is light loads and rotating at low speeds,plastic gears will have better results, but you need to pay attention to the problem of heat.Cast iron gears are more effective than plastic gears for reducing noise.

8. Proper lubrication
There should be adequate and adequate lubrication.Higher viscosity lubricants have less noise.if your 24v gear motor has noise,maybe it needs lubrication.

9. Low speed rotation and low load
Reduce the speed and load of the gear, the noise will also be reduced.

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