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Some principles of choosing dc gear motors

2019-06-05 14:44:23
DC gear motor has good starting and speed regulation performance, wide and smooth speed range , strong the overload capacity, and small electromagnetic interference. The DC gear motor is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than the AC. Because of these advantages, DC gear motors are widely used. For us, it is very important to choose the right products. Only reasonable choices can make them more effective. The following selection principles are helpful for us.
Some principles of choosing the dc gear motors

1.Specification selection
When the power supply and voltage are adjustable, the DC gear motor specifications should be close to the corresponding rated values of the product. If the power supply and voltage are fixed,and there is no product with appropriate specifications available, you can the appropriate specifications according to the torque, and the voltage and speed of the product can be adjusted appropriately.
2.Power selection
The maximum power output of the gear motor is limited. If the power selection of the gear motor is too small, the motor will overload if the load exceeds the rated output power of the motor. When the overload occurs, the gear motor will generate heat, vibration, speed drop, abnormal sound, etc. If the power is too large, it will cause economic waste. Therefore, it is important to choose the power of the motor reasonably.
For the above reasons, so we should learn the principles and methods of selection, so that the products can be used reasonably.

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