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The characters and structure of a 24v gear motor

2019-05-24 15:04:04
The 24v gear motor is a combination of a motor and a gearbox, and is widely used in various fields. It has the following characteristics.
1. Compact structure, small volume and large torque, strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability.
2.Save space, reliable and durable, high overload capacity.
3.Low energy consumption, superior performance, high efficiency of the gearbox.
4, low vibration, low noise, high energy.
5. After precision machining, the gear precision is high, and the gear reduction motor is equipped with various types of motors, forming a mechanical and electrical integration. At present, we have many motors,such as dc motors,brushless motors,coreless motors and stepper motors.
6.The gear motor has strong adaptability,because the gear motor has a large number of motor and different parameters you can choose. 6v gear motors,12v gear motors and 24v gear motors are very popular.
The structure of the gearbox is gears, bearings,shaft, worms, etc.
Motor part:
Stator: 1. main magnetic pole  2.commutating pole 3. base  4.brush
Rotor: 1.armature core  2.armature winding 3. commutator  4. shaft

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