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What is a coreless planetary geared motor?

2019-07-08 16:10:03
What is a coreless planetary geared motor? Coreless planetary motors are DC, permanent magnet and servo motors. Coreless planetary geared motors feature outstanding energy-saving, sensitive and convenient control and stable operating characteristics.
The coreless planetary geared motor uses a coreless rotor, which effectively reduces energy consumption and improves efficiency. After the planetary reducer is equipped with a planetary reducer, the transmission efficiency will be high, which is an important development direction in the future.
coreless planetary geared motor
The coreless planetary reducer has the characteristics that other reducers do not have, its start and brake are fast, the response is fast, the running stability is reliable, and the fluctuation of the rotation speed is small. Coreless planetary reducers with excellent characteristics are often used in precision equipment and instrumentation, such as aerospace equipment, optical equipment, electronic equipment, robotics, etc. In order to better meet market demand, ZHAOWEI can custom coreless planetary geared motors according to technical parameters such as drive motor, output speed, power, voltage, reduction ratio, torque, noise, accuracy.

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