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What is a dc planetary gear motor?

2019-07-09 15:15:35
First, the DC planetary gear motor is divided into brushless DC gear motor brushless gear motor.
DC gear motor
Second, the gear motor has the characteristics of smooth transmission and large carrying capacity.
1. Brushed DC motor is operated by carbon brush, life is limited, carbon brush is used up, and the life is over.
2. DC brushless motor, compared with carbon brush motor, has a long life and is not controlled by carbon brushes.
Because the brushless geared motor has long life, low noise, small volume and large torque, it is used in office automation, smart home, production automation and other fields, such as blinds, smart toilets, automatic drying racks, power tools, automatic window openers,automatic curtains,bank ATM machine, automatic money counter, banknote vending machine and other automatic machines.

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