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Why does the gear motor has early pitting corrosion?

2019-05-05 16:17:55
How to solve the situation of early pitting corrosion of the gear reducer? Pitting is related to the lubricant, and it is also closely related to the material of the gear reducer. Another point is that due to the local overload caused by poor gear contact, the local overload of the gear makes the actual contact stress greatly exceed the allowable contact stress of the gear material, and some gears do not reach the full tooth length contact or only the teeth, even diagonal contact.

Why does the gear motor has early pitting corrosion?
1. Materials of micro gear motor and other reasons.
The choice of the gear material, and the matching of the load ,the selection and matching of the heat treatment hardness are the causes of the early pitting corrosion.
2. The effect of lubricating oil. Unreasonable lubrication and unsuitable lubricant of gear drives are also factors that affect early pitting.

The ways to preventing early pitting
Firstly,choose suitable lubricant.
Secondly,improve  installation accuracy of gear motors,and ensure contact precision of gear.For the central drive reducer, if it is not well know during assembly and installation, there may be unsynchronization of the left and right transmissions, and the load effect is poor. In this case, one side transmission gear may not bear the load, while the other side of the transmission gear is overloaded, which easily causes progressive early pitting of the tooth surface. Therefore, the gear installation accuracy and the contact accuracy of the gear should be improved.

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