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Design requirements of planetary gear motor body

2019-03-16 14:55:16

For the strength and rigidity and stability of the planetary reducer body cover, the following aspects should be noted in the design:
1. To choose appropriate materials and blanks. If cast parts are used, small and medium-sized gray cast iron can be used,because its performance is generally not lower than HT200,and heavy-duty, large-sized reducers use ductile iron.
2. No matter what material of planetary gear motor is used for the blank, it must be double-annealed. In particular, the second annealing after roughing must be taken seriously.
3. The thickness of the body cover, the thickness of the face flanges, and the thickness of the ground plate bearing should be moderate,and the thickness and arrangement of the ribs should be appropriate.
4. To notice empirical formula for calculating the structure and size of the machine cap.
Finally,The shape of the machine cover is mainly reflected in the gear transmission scheme, and the structure size is determined by the load.
The above contents are excerpted from the Manual of Gear Transmission Design

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