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For driving comfort

2019-04-15 18:00:49
From meeting basic travel needs to focusing on automotive intelligence applications. The seat is the part with the most physical contact during the car. To improve driving comfort, we use a small DC motor from Zhaowei combined with helical gears from Zhaowei for the car seat drive, and control the seat circuit path and current direction through the control switch on the door armrest. It realizes the purpose of intelligently adjusting the horizontal, height and angle of the seat.

In order to improve driving comfort, there is no need to change the sitting posture. The control key can be used to adjust the seat in 12 directions to achieve stepless adjustment.We use a small permanent magnet DC motor combined with helical gears for car seat transmission, through the control switch on the door armrest to control the seat circuit path and current direction, to achieve intelligent multifunctional adjustment of the seat horizontal, height, and angle.

As 5G is about to become popular, the automotive transmission gearbox will be rapidly developed as the intelligent transmission parts. Zhaowei focuses on the development of automotive gearboxes, mainly focusing on the gear transmission of automobiles to design and develop products for customers. Including EPB, electric tailgate gear box, electric door and window gearbox, automotive electric window motor, damper controller, ABS brake system components and so on. We can design, develop and produce automotive transmission-controlled motor and reduction gearboxes according to requirements of automobile manufacturers. The customized parameters are as follows.
Diameter range:3.4mm-38mm
Gear materials:metal,plastic
Transmission ratio:5-1500(customized)
Motors:DC motor,stepper motor,coreless motor
Gearbox type: planetary gearbox, cylindrical gearbox, helical gearbox, parallel gearbox.

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