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Geared Motor Mechanical Transmission Mechanism of Micro Forming Technology

Categories: FAQRelease time: 2015-05-21 14:18:00

With the development of science and technology and the acceleration of industrialization in our country, the future market demand for miniaturization, motors components is more and more big, and because of the micro mechanical scale is small, small area to reach the space for operation, so the micro planetary gear reduction motor in electronic equipment, medical apparatus and instruments, the micro mechanical and electrical and other fields have broad application prospects.Micro motor are usually only able to provide greater speed and torque is small, and need to get the actual working condition of large torque, micro gear reduction motor is essential.

Geared motor as a kind of common mechanical transmission mechanism, a transmission power is big, high transmission efficiency, long service life, high operating reliability and transmission as well as good stability, and therefore has been widely used in mechanical transmission..And planetary geared motor has advantages of compact structure, large transmission ratio, high reliability, and can avoid the micro gear mechanism for current through multistage fixed axis gear train drive to get big transmission ratio and the drive the disadvantages of low efficiency, so the gear reduction motor development in the direction of miniaturization.

Journalist on technology and would-be journalist on technology is the miniature of metal materials most studied in the gear machining method of micro gear forming method.Micro plastic forming technology is adopted for the plastic deformation to produce millimeter micron grade even tiny parts of technology, the technology has high material utilization, low production cost, forming a good quality and high production efficiency, so it got great development in recent years.Gear ultra precision machining technology is micro mechanical production process is relatively commonly used technique, is also the important measure of a country manufacturing technology level.

Micro gear mechanism of lubrication problem in tiny planet gear mechanism plays an important role, as the narrowing of the gear scale, gear mechanism in the process of running the wastage of the friction torque of proportion in the total power loss will increase exponentially, resulting in the tiny planet gear transmission mechanism transmission efficiency greatly reduced.So, tiny tiny lower friction coefficient in gear transmission can produce great influence on the final drive efficiency.





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