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How to deal with the noise of 12v geared motors?

2019-01-14 10:31:17

Generally,the main cause of the noise of the 12v geared motor is the friction, vibration and collision of the transmission gear. So it is diffcult to eliminate the noise, but you can reduce noise by means of some ways.
Firstly, the shape modification method is used to minimize the dynamic load and speed fluctuations of a 12v geared motor to achieve the purpose of reducing noise.
Secondly,you can adopt better sealants or lubricants of 12v geared motors.
Thirdly,A film of inert material can be formed on the components of the geared motor to reduce friction, gear noise and leakage.
Finally,By optimizing the gear parameters, such as the displacement coefficient, the tooth height coefficient, the pressure angle, and the center distance, the impact velocity is minimized, and the ratio of the impact velocity to the impact velocity is within a certain range, which is reduced or avoided. A gear design method of 12v geared motor for engaging the pitch circle impact.

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