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How to determine the model of a reduction motor

2019-02-19 18:09:08

Step 1.Determine the operating speed of the machine and calculate the reduction ratio of the gear reduction motor based on this speed (reduction ratio = entry axis speed / output axis velocity = motor speed / mechanical speed)

Step 2.Calculate the torque of the load, select the force of the gear reducer based on this torque and determine the model of the gear reducer.

Step 3.Determine additional features of the reduction motor, such as power off brake, power on brake, frequency conversion, shrunk frame, shell material, etc. Some additional functions are available only in specific factories, so when you want to choose motors,you should communicate with supplier well.

It’s very important to choose a suitable motor for your machine,you should consider all kind of parameter,such as voltage,speed.current,and should distinguish different situations,such as no load and at rated load.

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