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How to disassemble a planetary gearbox?

2019-03-22 13:21:52
planetary gearbox

Step1.Unscrew the oil screw plug and drain the oil in the micro planetary gearbox.

Step2.Unscrew the fastening screw of the gearbox cover and lift the cover plate,Then screw down the fastening screw of the pulley and take the pulley down.

Step3.The disassembly order of each axis and related parts is: disassemble from one axis, two axis to three axis in turn, put it in order when disassembling, do not mess up, lest misfit cause accident.

1.Disassembly of one-axis and related parts:Unscrew the bearing cover at both ends of the shaft, screw in the disassembly hole of the two bearing cover respectively with four screws, lift the bearing seat from the box body, let it loose, and remove the two bearing covers. Then remove the gear ring and then remove the shaft and the upper gear from the box (because the shaft is connected to the gear).

2.Disassembly of two-shaft and related parts:Unscrew bearing cap screw at both ends of shaft and remove gear ring at both ends. Then the box is set sideways and the outer edge of the bearing seat hole on one side of the two-axis pinion is pressed with a circular sleeve, and the shaft is gently knocked out. Remember not to press hard to avoid damage shaft neck, gear or box. Because the gear is mounted on the shaft, it should be removed from the box cover window.

3.Disassembly of three-axis and related parts: same as two-axis disassembly method. But the triaxial shaft should be removed from the end of the shaft neck where the drive wheel is mounted, otherwise it will not come out.

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