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How to improve the cleanliness of 12v geared motors?

2019-02-19 17:26:05
1. Be strict with the processes of 12v geared motors after cleaning and cleaning. Make a reasonable cleaning process, and the cleaning process of different products should be explored according to the actual production. at the same time, the environment in which the parts are placed after cleaning should be clean and finally saved in the correct way.
2. After the parts are cleaned or assembled,they don’t need to further processing,such as sanding.
3. Parts or parts need to be cleaned twice.
For the whole 12v geared motor, each part should be cleaned once before the test. After the test run, it must be cleaned again. The purpose is to clean all kinds of impurities generated during the test, and the test time of important products should be relatively long; for a single Parts (not the entire order) should be cleaned before assembly and before assembly.
4. When the iron filings generated during the actual operation of 12v geared motors cannot be cleaned, the magnetic iron can be added in place and cleaned regularly.

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