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How to maintain internal attachments of gear motors?

2019-01-15 16:04:24
How to maintain internal attachments of gear motors?
Now let’s learn how to maintain internal attachments of 12v gear motors,I hope this article will help you.
When the oil-discharging screw of a 12v geared motor is used to drain the oil and the cleaning agent, the oil-discharging hole should be opened at the low position of the oil pool at the bottom of the box seat. Usually, the plug hole is used to block the oil drain hole. A gasket for leak prevention should be added between the oil drain plug and the joint surface of the box, and the check is often performed.
When the 12v geared motor is working, the temperature inside the box rises, the gas expands, and the pressure increases. In order to allow the hot air in the box to be freely discharged, the pressure inside and outside the box can be kept balanced, so that the lubricating oil does not extend along the dividing surface or the shaft. When other gaps leak, a ventilator is usually installed at the top of the box.
The bearing cover of the 12v geared motor is the axial position of the fixed shaft component and is subjected to the axial load, and the bearing cap is closed at both ends of the bearing housing hole.
Each time the cover is removed, the accuracy of the bearing housing hole should be ensured. And the positioning pin should be fitted on the coupling flange of the cover and the box seat before finishing the bearing hole.
The oil level indicator checks the oil level in the oil tank of the 12v geared motor, and should always keep an appropriate amount of oil in the oil pool.

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