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Methods of preventing gear motor from being dampened

2019-02-19 17:21:07
There are three methods,which can preventing gear motors from being dampened.i hope these are helpful for you.

Excitation coil drying method: Excitation coil drying method is to wind the excitation coil on the stator coil core of a 12v gear motors, and to input alternating current, so that the stator generates magnetic flux, and the stator of the 12v gear motor is dried by the iron loss.
Welder Drying Method: Before the AC welding machine is dry, connect the terminals of the damp motor windings in series and ground the casing so that the three sets of windings can be heated and dried.
External heating method: After the dehumidification 12v gear motor is first disassembled, the high-power incandescent bulb is placed inside the geared motor to be baked or the geared motor is placed in the drying room for drying.

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