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Noise characteristics of gear motors

2019-03-13 17:16:51
Vibration and noise are common phenomena in nature and engineering. Mechanical vibration and noise can cause environmental pollution, affecting industrial production and people's lives. Therefore, modern industrial production puts forward stricter requirements on vibration and noise of mechanical equipment. Regarding the noise characteristics of the gear device, mainly have the following contents:
1. Gear transmission has the characteristic of periodic meshing.
2. The noise and vibration of the gear motor are not only their own reasons, but also the shaft, bearing, case, transmission system and working machine in the gear motor. Therefore, the noise and vibration of the gear motor can often reflect to the quality and the related characteristics of mechanical equipment.
3. Tests and ratings for vibration and noise of gear motors have been developed and published, mainly for gear motors to be tested at predetermined operating speeds, under test conditions suitable for noise measurement, and under rated loads specified by gear motors.

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