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Precision Injection Molding Injection Parameter Optimization Design of The System

Categories: FAQRelease time: 2015-05-21 14:20:00

Of many industry with the development of the injection molding process, injection molding products precision demand is higher and higher, for example: in the new markets for CD and DVD production and manufacture of medical supplies and in mobile phones, cameras, casing or coupling, etc.Domestic injection molding technology, however, is only stay in the injection time (speed) or injection position control level, rely on the traditional injection molding method is difficult to control the quality of the products, also can not meet the required precision.A lot of high precision requirements of the product also can only rely on import from abroad.Foreign enterprises represented by RJG company using various sensors to control injection process and cavity pressure, reached a considerable accuracy.

There are many factors impact the quality of injection molding, such as gate location design, flow design, injection pressure, injection velocity, pressure, the pressure inside the cavity field, mold temperature, melt temperature, mold temperature, products for wall thickness and shape, molding time and the holding time and so on.When processing the same plastic products, will be different and there is a big difference between these conditions, therefore, is easy to be found in the traditional injection molding process products quality problems, such as: short shot, flash, warping, weld mark and size etc.In the process of precision injection molding, cavity pressure control is one of the key factors in determining the quality of products.

Precision pressure control technology is aimed at high quality, high precision injection molding is put forward.Its principle is installed in different injection mold cavity position precision pressure sensor, through dynamic testing cavity pressure signal, analyze the pressure changes, the results of analysis are applied to the intelligent control of injection molding machine.

The author expounds how to use injection molding process simulation theory of injection molding process parameters, as a initial parameters of the injection molding machine system simulation.Considering the precision under the condition of pressure detection, realize the simulation of injection molding machine system method.Due to the injection molding machine can take advantage of the real-time detection data correction process parameter setting, so as to improve the simulation precision and practicability.





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