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Types of gear tooth surface wear

2019-03-16 14:54:02

Gears may be damaged to varying degrees during manufacture and use. When the damage reaches a certain level, the gear may fail.There are the following types of gear tooth surface wear in the process of manufacture and use.
1. Loss of tooth surface wear. Sliding wear (abrasive wear, excessive wear, moderate wear, severe abrasion, interference wear), corrosion (chemical corrosion, fretting corrosion, scaly), erosion (cavitation, erosion), electrical erosion, overheating.
2. Gluing, deformation (indentation, plastic deformation, wrinkling, flash)
3. Tooth surface fatigue. Corrosive pitting (initial pitting, expansive pitting, micropitting), chip erosion, spalling, surface lamination.
4. Cracks. Quenching crack, grinding crack, fatigue crack
5. The teeth are broken. Overload break, gear cut, fatigue break.
The above contents are excerpted from the Manual of Gear Transmission Design.

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