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Various possible factors affecting the cleanliness of micro gearbox and its harm

2018-11-29 15:35:48
Various possible factors affecting the cleanliness of gearbox and its harm
Various possible factors affecting the cleanliness of gearbox and its harm.

(1)The poor cleanliness of the lubricating oil used is a direct cause of poor cleanliness. When the gearbox starts running, the lubricating oil enters the lubricating line and distributes to the lubrication points (usually the gear meshing area and bearing area), meanwhile the impurities also reach the gearbox area and the bearing, thus affecting their service life.

(2)The iron chips produced when the parts are machined have not been cleaned up. On the one hand, when the next working procedure is added, the defects such as pits or scratches on the surface of the parts are caused by carelessness not cleaning up the iron chips of the parts. On the other hand, iron scraps in some positions are not easy to be cleaned, such as iron chips in oil holes, which will be brought into the working area by lubricating oil in the gearbox, thus causing damage to the parts.

(3)After pickling, the oil route will be welded and other processing.In fact,no further welding is allowed after pickling, otherwise the impurities from the welding will enter the pipeline and enter the gearbox with the circulation of lubricating oil.

(4)Processing some parts on the assembled finished product. Reasons for the same

(5)Spare parts after cleaning do not preserve well, placed at will. Such as dust and other impurities cover the important surface of the part, affecting the size of the match.

(6)The sealing effect is poor. In terms of design, v-type dust-proof sealing ring can be used on the input and output shaft, and the surface roughness of the shaft can be improved by processing.

(7)Paint cannot withstand high temperature. When the gearbox is running at high temperature, the inner wall of the case cannot withstand the high temperature,so the paint desquamate falls into the lubricating oil, and the outer wall of the box affects the appearance of the paint.

(8)The sealant fell into the box. When too much sealant is applied on the face of the gear box or other joint, the sealant will squeeze into the box and enter the lubricating oil after closing the box or closing the cover.


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